Mr Cable

Going a little crazy lately?

  • So the expectation is that - in this Budget - the 50p tax rate will stay, while the doors will remain closed on Vince Cable’s mansions tax.

50p to every pound for earners over £100,000/year. I know they’re rich, but some of them work hard for that money. (EDIT) 50p is far too high for a tax rate and it obviously won’t work. If you’re intelligent enough to earn that much, you’re intelligent enough to evade the tax rate, swiss banks maybe or other indulgences on your pay check which conveniently stops at £99,999

  • Employers’ groups and Conservatives have been lobbying Vince Cable, the Business Secretary, to freeze the minimum wage to help over one million unemployed young people back into jobs.

Please up the rate to keep in line with inflation and increased tax rates. It won’t improve jobs all that much compared to the number of hours being cut daily for current workers equating to loss of money in households up and down the country. Prices keep going up, and if the wages don’t accompany these increases, you’ll find more and more families drifting into borderline poverty. I’m backing the trade unions.